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Merkava’s Falcon5k

electric motocross brings an ominous look to an otherwise tame e-bike segment. 5kW Brushless motor boasting a Peak Power of 7,200W thanks to its 100A MqCon Sabvoton controller. 

Looking More Like A Motorcross 

than your average e-bike with its optional moto seat and 19’’ rugged MX rims and tires, the commanding steed combines power, grit and big-league dual shock absorbers from DNM ready to satisfy even the most demanding rider. 

Part Mountain Bike,

part dirt bike and all beast, the Falcon5K comes ready to tear apart your local gravel or dirt trails. With the new 203mm hydraulic disk brakes you are sure to come to a quick and safe stop.

The Falcon5K Super E-Bike

with its outstanding continuous 5kW QS brushless motor and peak output of 7.2kW is essentially in a category of its own. It is far from the average mountain bike thanks to its efficient and clean motor that will propel you up any terrain and kick in with unnerving torque when you’re in need of your daily dose of adrenaline.

Our Customers Claim, 

Its performance is reminiscent of a 125-150CC 4 stroke internal combustion gas guzzling motocross. It's lower weight, superb agility, silent, reliable and clean motor offer many more riding possibilities. 

With its pedals and traditional mountain bike components you can easily ride it, haul it and service it yourself saving time and money. You can even tap yourself on the back for taking a big leap in reducing your carbon footprint and saving our planet. 


The Falcon5K Is Built On A Fortified Steel Frame

to sustain its breathtaking 5kW watt motor which will easily propel you to over 80km/hr.

With almost no maintenance needed and a max range of 120km on P.A.S mode the Falcon5K electric motocross will supply your adrenaline fix…guaranteed.


2765Wh (72V- 38.4Ah) Massive Battery Pack Powered By LG And Panasonic Cells.

The Falcon5K super electric bike is designed for long treks through trails, fields, forests and off roads. The motor is located in the center of the rear wheel and provides torque effortlessly and silently allowing you to rip through trails otherwise inaccessible or forbidden to loud motocross bikes.


Now Available With An Upgraded Torque Sensor And The Canadian Made Cycle Analyst LCD Display

All the bikes electronic stats are cleverly captured and monitored by the state of the art Cycle Analyst display made in Beautiful British Columbia.


Be Seen, Be Heard, Stay Clean

The new Falcon5K eBike now comes standard with Front and Rear LED lights with rear turn signals as well as an integrated automotive grade horn and alarm system. You are doing your part to keep the environment clean so we have done our part by equipping the Falcon5K with extra rugged mud guards bolted to the frame to keep you clean during your off road escapades.